Smiley Song

Der Smiley erhellt nicht nur unsere Foren, sondern regt auch zum singen an wie der "Smiley Face Song" und die Youtube Auswahl bestätigt. =)

Smiley Face Song

Give a little giggle, grin a little grin. Do your imitation of a Smiley Face pin open up your heart and let the sun shine in then share it with your neighbours and your next of kin.

1) Once there were some people who were feeling kind of blue. So they called up Harvey Ball, he knew exactly what to do. He drew a Smiley Face, he made it yellow too. It was sunny, it was simple and he said "I'm through".

2) Well the people got excited when they saw what he had done. So they made up Smiley buttons and they handed out a ton. Which went around the world like the world goes round the sun for a smile begets another so there's never just one.

3) Well that's a little story of how Smiley came to be. Back in December of 1963 Call the Guinness Book of Records tell them "Quick come see". The happiest face in all of history.

4) Oh, the moral of this story is to help the world to smile. You do an act of kindness, you go the extra mile. And what you do comes back to you in just a little while. For goodness is contagious and it's never out of style.

© 1998 Charlie Ball -

Youtube - Smiley Songs

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